Continuing Education, Inc. is a Sub. S corporation run by husband and wife team,   Helene and Jay Wise. Helene Wise is President and her husband is Vice President in charge of marketing. We offer courses that deal with a broad range of topics in education, among them classroom management and climate, law, time management, survival, renewal and reflection, using humor and drama in teaching, and bullying. We work as a vendor in conjunction with Augustana College and MidAmerica Nazarene University. The credit offered for continuing education courses is designated by our educational partners as Graduate Level credit.

Our courses consist of summer  seminars and online training. We offer several different courses each summer, consisting of approximately forty seminars which average 24 students. We operate at a variety of sites in both Minnesota and  Wisconsin.

We are excited about our new hybrid courses, in which you divide up your time between a half day class and the remaining assignments done out of class! This new course format allows for increased access to information. Students are permitted to enroll in two hybrid course per week. Hybrid course sections may be identified by the hours: 8AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM.

We are now adding online courses and more will be available soon. Our online courses are available on our website at any time.


A few words from our President and Founder, Helene R. Wise:


Completion of our courses earns teachers continuing education graduate credits, renewal units to maintain their current licensure, or Professional Development credits that result in lane changes on teachers' salary schedules.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply for approval of these courses with their school district before enrolling. As an experienced teacher, I recognize the the kinds of nuts and bolts courses that other teachers need to help them to survive the tough profession of teaching.   In the past I was disillusioned with idealistic courses I took that were  out of touch with reality.  Our entire series began with a course called "Teacher Survival:  Advice from the Trenches." It was born out of the need for relevant courses available to teachers seeking not only credits for lane changes, but also practical ideas that they could apply the very first day they step into the classroom in the fall.  Today we offer several well-received onsite courses in a typical year.  All our onsite courses were written by experienced classroom teachers. Depending on the geographical area, we offer two to four seminars averaging 24 students each. This is how our courses operate:  these courses may be intensive summer seminars scheduled for one week per course, Monday through Friday, 8AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM. During the school year, they take place over one or more weekends, depending on the particular course. We hire our own teachers following a careful screening and interview process to ensure that we have only the most knowledgeable and dynamic instructors and facilitators.  They must hold a Masters degree plus 30 hours and have a minimum of 5 years' teaching experience.